This category of beneficiaries took central place in PEFO intervention after two years of serving only OVC. A review of OVC interventions in as far as meeting set objectives and impact achievement revealed a dent in the design of education projects and OVC support projects that were being implemented. One of the outstanding indicators was the persistent and high absenteeism rates of OVC from school especially during the rainy season’s including low completion rates for specifically the girls in primary school level. In trying to unearth factors contributing to this situation, the caregivers’ status stood central.

Their inability to adequately provide for OVC and nurture hindered success for the education support rendered to OVC. The main caregivers to the target OVC were also discovered to be grandmothers.
Based on these findings and more, PEFO’s approach shifted to include OVC households by targeting their grandmothers using granny groups as entry point. To date, PEFO serves 1366 grannies so that they can ably care for OVC and OVC in return support granny households after their studies.