PEFO promotes both preventive and curative measures in granny households to ensure good health. Under public health hygiene and sanitation among grandmothers are maintained through periodical health promotion exercises in the community and with the community where minimum standards are emphasized; latrine, kitchen, drying line, and utensil
rack. Until 2013, PEFO has been providing clinical health services to mainly caregivers/grannies through working with other agencies in health service delivery to facilitate direct medication and periodic referrals. Medical camps and mobile clinics are some of the approaches that PEFO uses to make health care accessible and affordable by grannies.

Of recent, PEFO works with government health centres within the proximity of granny communities in a way of empowering them in the long run to respond to the health needs of older persons. One of the major projects here is the Granny Health reserve pool where grannies save UGX 1,000 on a monthly basis. PEFO tops up this fund and uses it to enable grannies access drugs and medication that are not available in government health centres within their communities.

We have been able to establish a productive working relationship with the Jinja district health department. Together, we are working on empowering health workers to serve older persons effectively through numerous trainings, encouraging health centres within Jinja district to develop and implement own older persons’ policies to guide their interaction with and service to older persons. The objective is geared towards behavioral change; that health workers will start looking at older persons with a right to be served and a right to receive quality services just like any other citizen and on the other hand, grannies (older persons), will start appreciating seeking health care from health centres and quit self-medication.