This is a new programming area for PEFO. This is not to mean that PEFO has not been implementing activities geared towards promotion and protection of human rights but that these activities have only been streamlined in other PEFO programmes in the past. This year, PEFO is taking a deliberate effort in up scaling her initiatives towards human rights promotion. This twist of working has been informed by our observation and interaction with grannies which has showed that most of the supported grannies fall victims of injustices due to high ignorance about their rights and justice mechanisms within their communities. This has led to loss of property like land, inability to access and take part in profitable markets, inability to access public health services, and inability to protect vulnerable children especially girls under their care from abuse, and inability to handle and report cases of abuse.

Most of them do not know that it is the duty and obligation of government to extent certain services to them. Grannies’ ignorance about justice mechanisms has been observed to correlate with limiting responsiveness and adherence to interventions by PEFO.

To improve responsiveness and adherence to PEFO interventions, and encourage grannies to utilize available public services, PEFO is planning to raise  awareness on justice mechanisms and initiate micro justice
interventions among granny communities.

In our next 5 strategic years, PEFO is planning to; 1) carry outmassive sensitization of grannies on justice mechanisms and rights focusing on clarifying to them what they are entitled to as citizens, 2) In line with sensitization on justice mechanisms PEFO plans to create more platforms on which grannies can express their issues to the public.
While PEFO responds to the need to improve the lives of this vulnerable group of grandmothers, this is a duty and obligation of government. Therefore PEFO will engage local government departments in the sensitization exercise and lobby for improvement in service delivery to older persons on top of helping the grannies understand the National
policy for older persons and where possible translate them in the local languages for the grannies. The annual beauty contest for grannies will be used as a channel to draw public attention on issues of the elderly.

In the first core area of economic emancipation emphasis will be put on facilitating further development of grannies skills in production of quality crop and animal products, increasing production quantities all this aimed at improving the food security situation and income generation through sale of extra food produced and animals multiplied.