Occupation:  National Director

Organisation:  PEFO - Pheobe Education Fund for AIDS Orphans

Tel:  +256-774-402784

Email:  ojamboj@yahoo.com

Ojambo Justine is currently the National Director of Phoebe Education Fund for Aids Orphans & Vulnerable Children (PEFO). He has a vast experience in working with communities especially in building community resilience for empowerment and self determination. He is a former member of PELUM Uganda Board and currently sits on boards of three local NGOs . Personally, Justine is very innovative, visionary and enjoys thinking outside the box. Amongst the innovative sustainable projects he has started, is a farm school for older persons where they build their resilience in mitigating the effects of climate change, trees for education and pension project, sub county savings and lending cooperatives for rural women in Jinja.

Justine is passionate for the less privileged children especially orphans and this is the reason he started PEFO (www.pefoug.org ) to give orphans and vulnerable children education opportunity like he and his brothers were given education opportunity by Fr. Wynand Huys after he lost his parents to HIV/Aids.

Having benefited personally from expanded education opportunities, Justine was troubled by the difficulty that many orphans and vulnerable children in his country faced in accessing formal education, as well as their bleak living conditions. He believes that the most viable way to liberate the vulnerable children of Africa is to invest directly in their formal education, which will widen their horizons and opportunities in life.