PEFO supports both preventive and curative health measures in granny households. Preventative measures begin with proper latrines, kitchens with utensil racks and clothes drying lines. Medical camps and mobile clinics are also organized to make health care generally accessible and affordable, and we work with other agencies to facilitate doctor visits and medication for individuals.



PEFO works with local government health center (II) to provide healthcare to nearby granny communities. We hold a general medical camp annually, and have also a Granny Health Reserve Pool in which grannies save 1000 UGX monthly. PEFO adds to this fund and makes it available to grannies that need medication not available in government hospitals.


We have a productive working relationship with the Jinja District Health Department. Together, we are working to change hospitals and health workers discriminatory attitudes toward treating the elderly. These changes include changes in hospital policies and trainings for health workers in geriatric medicine. Hopefully, these changes will help change grannies’ attitudes about seeking institutional health care, rather than relying on ineffective types of self-medication.


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