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Tour Throuth Rural Uganda

This tour consists of two packages:


Starting right from the PEFO offices, that is to say, PEFO farm where tourist experience the different farming methods, crops and animal husbandry around, and the different departments of the office; the community drive which includes viewing the rural setups, beautiful land scape and the gorgeous geographical coverage; visiting two granny households where tourist engage in the day to day activities, and listen to the life experiences; visiting of the Granny Music, Dance and Drama Group for entertainment; a drive to PEFO partner health center where tourists participate in maintenance of the center; and then a fruit party afterwards either at PEFO office or in the community from in which tourists share their experiences and provide feedback about the tour.


This involves having fun and relaxation. This starts with a drive to VICOHOBEH (Victoria Coconut Holiday Beach Hotel) in Busia. However, along the way, a quick treat with a stop up at a coffee shop is made, before proceeding to the beach for activities of fishing, camping, campfires, boat rides, sunset/sunrise viewing, rock climbing and cave visiting, and community rides and interactions.

With both the packages, one can decide to select a particular item for the tour or enjoy the entire package; or even take both packages.

enjoy local food
Enjoy the local food
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