Elderly Ugandans, particularly grandmothers, are seldom aware of their legal rights.

Thus, they are often denied land and home ownership, health services, access to market opportunities, and access to mechanisms for reporting abuse to themselves and those under their care. This ignorance has also, in many cases, made it difficult for PEFO to intervene on their behalves.


PEFO has two goals to:1) carry out extensive programs to inform rural grannies what their rights are under Ugandan law and 2) create platforms on which grannies can broadcast their problems to the public and the government. We believe that our currentprograms aimed atimproving the social andeconomic well-being and

status of rural grannies will facilitate these goals.

In the first core area of economic emancipation emphasis will be put on facilitating further development of grannies skills in production of quality crop and animal products, increasing production quantities all this aimed at improving the food security situation and income generation through sale of extra food produced and animals multiplied.

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